‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Review (No Spoilers)


Marvel’s ‘Infinity War’ draws several movies into an inevitable destination, and with hype on par to the first ‘Avengers’ movie, is all that hype called for? Actually, yes.

Stepping into the cluster of dozens of developed heroes, the biggest fear would be a grandeur mess, plagued by dark and pointless CGI hell (Justice League much?). Yet ‘Infinity War’ grazes the lines almost perfectly. The character interaction between different heroes are not only humorous but fascinating with the larger problem in context. Several characters prominent in the previous entries find themselves pushed aside, whereas others gain the spotlight. The acting, CGI, cinematography and sound are all sub-par and truly show the level of filmmaking in this day and age.

The pacing is well and near unpredictable at times, and by the end you’re not quite left at an awkward place as most ‘Part 1’s tend to steer towards, but rather satisfaction and patient eagerness for the next film.

The biggest golden award goes to the villain, the brilliant Thanos. My major critique of the whole lot of superhero movies in general, lies in the weak conviction and explanation of villains. Here, Thanos wonderfully written to the extent of his screen time not only creates an emotional investment, but a near sound reasoning for his actions.

Few flaws do stale the film, natural ones however, since a movie of such caliber can only be perfect to a certain level before a few scenes get overtly complicated. On the other hand, the lack of all the characters in one scene which is what fans are most excited for have probably been held of to the next film, still untitled.

In conclusion I highly recommend you watch ‘Infinity War’ in cinemas as it really is the natural viewing environment for this thrill ride. The length is sweet and entertaining, the ending won’t leave you disappointed. Watch out for spoilers as their plentiful throughout.