Incredibles 2 Review


Incredibles 2 Review – A 14 year old expectation is no simple task to hold. Yet somehow writer and director, Brad Bird, fulfilled every inch of it. Despite feeling tad emptier than the iconic first part, Incredibles 2 still comes off as a solid sequel that hits all the right marks, a stronger family dynamic, a wider expanse of characters, and an almost equally complex villain as the first installment.

The film takes place exactly where we left off, with a sub plot that ties closely with the finale. What I was pleased to find was a lack of nostalgia factor leading the story. Instead the new take on it made the film different yet still lovable. If you’ll be diving into theaters after re-watching the original like I did, you’ll first notice the excruciating attention to detail in the animations quality. Voice acting is exceptional as is the dialogue.

Holly Hunter’s Helen and Elastigirl takes most of center stage for the film, this lessened screen time for the rest of the family allows their subtle and quick moments to hold more charm, intricate sub plots that scatter the ‘other’ parts of the story all end up delivering as strong as the central arc. The baby is also another character used tremendously, this plot device is probably something Bird constantly is patting himself on the back for. The outrageous amount of powers he holds not only cements its unpredictability, but also its charm and impressive display of a surprising amount of unique powers.

Most of the new characters don’t entirely resonate with me. The villain is luckily one exception which leads to discussion of the films strong implementing of feminism. The subtle parts worked wondrously yet certain lines were on the nose, still doesn’t undermine the overall experience, Although I can’t help but feel political themes stood out too much over the story. What did work as all critics have already pointed out, is Bob’s character dealing with staying at home. After having him focus on sources of happiness outside the home in the first part, here we have him find it within his own family – albeit painfully so.

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The twist only becomes apparent minutes before the reveal, and the finale is as epic in proportion as you would expect. With all plot threads coming together, this cohesion concludes the film perfectly. The only downfall would be its confusion left in me (and how fast the darn time flew). As much as I loved their new adventure, and can call the film near perfect, coming out cinemas I had no capacity for a certain opinion. It is quite rare for a sequel after so long to fill in its massive shoes, yet something overall felt missing. And it’s most likely the lack of noir elements the first part held so gracefully. The early Hollywood vibes and sneaky nature of the first film made the more quiet moments special, and each scene was full in satisfaction, yet here it all feels given to us on a platter, the action almost hollow.