Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Review – Blue’s Story at Heart


Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is a massive improvement over the great first part that was ridden with cliche’s, and obvious cues to stay in the PG-13 rating. Fallen Kingdom takes every step towards betterment, with the exception of few on the nose dialogues, the film blew my expectations and really stood as a solid experience that I believe will stand the test of time.

The humor and horror was well executed, with the first scene walking a thin line between the two genres. This set up the mood for the film. Gore was obviously hidden and unaccounted for which made me think hitting the rating up to PG-15 really could have let the film shine, in addition to entering more mature discussions the film raises then pushes aside.

Bryce Dallas Howard and Chris Pratt both play around with their rich chemistry, and with the addition of two new members to the group, creates for a different yet strengthened dynamic. The two storylines (the other being in a mansion) interweaves to a climactic yet meaningful finale.

The scene at the bar and the office had a distinct style that I could artistically appreciate. The allure of the beasts being maintained as a mystery opposed to blatant showing too. This all builds the credible world the director beautifully curated. The subtle foreshadowing of a large disturbing plot twist proved real thought and heart were made in the story, unlike that of many other blockbusters. Though perhaps they could have explored this choice? The ending decision too could have been delved into rather than skimming over it. The ‘planet of the apes’ similarities begged many interesting questions, that at the least I hope the end to the new trilogy will provide.

My favorite shot has to be the one heavily shown in the trailer of the duo escaping the volcanic eruption. It was a brilliant excuse to have diverse dinosaur species run along the humans blurring the lines between both species that is key to the where the story ends off.

The ending encapsulated everything I was hoping it would be. Not a silly excuse for yet another sequel but one in which really provoked discussion and excitement, one in which I am pleased to say I am eagerly waiting for.