Top 10 Best Movies of 2017


10. Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

This film marks the end to a long-running franchise, one that has meant a lot to me over the years. Having recently purchased the DVD, all its flaws in directing and pacing came to light more so than what was noticed in the cinema. Being the first resident evil film I was allowed entry into, the hype and sadness clearly patched up all its errors, nonetheless it was entertaining and a somewhat decent close-off to the series. My only relevant criticism being the studio reluctant to bring back a few more past actors into the fold.

9. King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

I’ll be honest, up until making the list I continually forgot to add this, I had to physically check what came out to remember this. Though, this movie was enjoyable and stellar. Charlie Hunnam as the charming Arthur was the standout along with the quirky directing.

8. Beauty and the Beast

This film was shocking. It was really good! At the time I expected this to place number two, however considering the fact I won’t be watching this again, detracts from the others on the list I could watch endlessly. The set design was inspiring and an all around perfect movie.

7. Alien: Covenant

Having not too long ago been drawn into the entire Alien franchise, especially Prometheus which I loved, it was a pleasant surprise to see another movie coming out soon. This was my second most anticipated film of 2017 behind ‘Final Chapter’ but did disappoint. It took me the two hour walk and drive home to put words to it. It was a great movie, but had a void, answers, nothing presented in Prometheus was answered here and that was a terrible mistake. The lore-breaking route they took with David at the time was unique but now seems a tad bit underwhelming.

6. Valerian

I did not know this movie existed until watching an ad for it two months prior to its release. The idea grabbed me like no other, how original right? So watching critics almost tear it apart and audiences not show up was something. However it was enjoyable and immersible just missing that spark.

5. Blade Runner: 2049

How can I be a sci-fi fan and not have watched the first Blade Runner? 2017 has been the year I truly allowed myself to open up to ‘classic’ films. And I was not disappointed. Felt off at parts but the world was so real and the noticeable cinematography excellent.

4. Kong: Skull Island

A huge sucker for 2014’s Godzilla amplified my excitement for this movie. The war references, subtle comedy and interesting shots kept this film at its peak, the ending for some reason was quickly forgettable and what had it lower than it could be.

3. War of the Planet of the Apes

Clearly the sleeper hit of the year. The first one was great but didn’t capture my heart, the second one I remember being in awe in the cinema but still didn’t resonate. Then this closure came and changed everything. Walking in the cinema, I did not think It’d mean this much to me nor place this high. Beautiful, beautiful writing. Well-deserved attention.

2. Wonder Woman

I watched this on its last week run in cinemas after hearing all the explosive ratings. So, I went in with expectations. This film blew everything away, the love story heartbreaking, acting superb, and honestly one of the best super hero films ever made. Once again the world war theme being a prevalent one (that has spread across 2017, such as in video games). A spectacular movie for the ages.

1 . Logan

It was clear from the start this would helm the number one spot. The dark and gritty take on the wolverine was unexpected yet what we all needed. The most I’ve cried in any film of 2017 and all around heart breaker. All three of the main actors were exceptional however the arc in the farm house, though enjoyable, was something I may say could have been molded into the film better. Easily the best movie of 2017 without a doubt and a reminder to studios that change and the r rating aren’t in child’s play no more. This is a movie that won’t ever be forgotten and a classy exit to a beloved long running character.

And there you have it, going through all the movies that released this year sparked the prevalant idea that I have seriously not watched some great ones. So expect this to change into 2018. It, The Beguiled, Atomic Blonde, Mother!, Get Out and Star Wars are notably well received movies that I intend to watch heading into a rather dry 2018.

Let me end by mentioning my two worst picks for 2017.

2. Justice League

A complete CGI mess, the worst villain I have seen to date, and even worse it took even Wonder Woman’s character who I adored and made me not care. The new characters were prop pieces and the flash was a bootleg version, a cheap copy of spider-man with cringe-inducing comedy. The superman scenes felt horribly out of place and a complete forgettable explosion of wasted money and hype.

1. Geostorm

An idea that pulled me in straight away in imagination and innovation ruined by a cheap motive, typical conclusion and yet another lackluster villian. Within a second any excitement you had will vanish. Having walked  into this movie purely for disaster-esque content, even on that level it was boring. Another waste.

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I would also like to wish everyone a Happy New Year! I yearn to fully take this website to places in 2018, with your help.