The 100 Season 5 Episode 5 Review


This review contains spoilers.

The 100 Season 5 Episode 5 Review

Shifting Sands

Four episodes into the mind-blowing season, The 100 season 5 proves to be reaching new heights with tension built from the previous episode lingering into this one. Octavia preps for war while Kane and Abigail dread it as they painfully learn of Clarke’s lonesome survival. Her drawings and decor a scorn reminder to Abigail of her purest resilience over the past six years. Yet Kane proposes someone else shared Clarke’s suffering, which remains unclear to them.

Raven and Murphy end up hostages to the savages tossing around several questions, in which Miles steps up and points his gun to Paxton, the second in command to the ships massive army. This threads a chance for change and internal revolution, in the 100’s typical standards of complexity, where even the antagonists face conflict from within as no party is without an opposition. Charmaine Diyoza as the central antagonist persists in underlying parallels to Clarke, cunning and quick, she tries to mask her worries by reasserting her authority to Paxton, and they both stir the boiling pot to an eventual burst.

Miles walks a thin line between self-protection and helping the grounders. His release of Murphy turning out to be bait for the other survivors begs to question his loyalty, but further to his true intention. Going back to the camp, Octavia’s determination to fight in ‘”the last green place on earth” as Clarke playfully worded, puts them in a dire spot between crystal sands and a burrowing parasitic life-form ‘Alien’s’ style. More so with Octavia’s arm sunken into by one of the bugs, Clarke reiterates her past doctor position, and so does Bellamy as his sister’s punching bag calling him “not one of us”.

Octavia throughout the season projects a new cold aura, yet one that is far from superficial. She was brave enough to sacrifice herself for onekru, as “onekru does not retreat”. Whatever criticism you may have of her new ways, one cannot deny her choices have kept most of her people alive without any known denial. Which is why everyone beautifully building a human wall around her as Clark tends to her wounds, demonstrates a love that transcends pure autocracy. Their sheer will, protection against the brutal storm concocting in the area.

Conflict Plentiful

The fast-paced and brilliantly written episode concludes with Abigail performing a procedure on Paxton perhaps justifying his haste. And with Diyoza’s keen interest in Octavia, a clashing of strong personalities, aching to spark a bright fire in the upcoming war. Even despite Diyoza’s distrust of her own people. Octavia embraces Bellamy, “I’m glad you’re alive big brother” but still reminds him she would even sacrifice him for her new religion, her new kru, onekru. The final reunion of the group plays emotionally with the desert backdrop, Madi jumping into Clarke’s grasp, Echo’s to Bellamy’s, to Clarke’s notice. This all leaves the craving for the next episode at peak levels, as has every this season.


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